Desire – The Art Of Manifestation


We should strive to attain a desireless state. As long as we have desire, we lack. Lack and want are the same thing. Wanting traps us in a world of limitation. Wanting is the greatest enemy of joy. ~ Lester Levenson.

Desire is our enemy

The more we try and satiate desires, the more we want of them. There is no way to fulfill them all. And, in fact, it’s futile. We’re trying to be our own real selves through some secondary means. Desire is either pushing something away from us, as in an aversion, or it is pulling something toward us, as in an attachment. We either desire something away from us or toward us.

Desire is an admission of lack

It is saying that we want something. And because we want it, it means that we don’t have it. It’s not that we should do without anything. We need many things to live full lives, but there is a superior way to get them then through desiring them.

It’s not that we should move beyond wanting something and instead experience having that thing. We are souls and as souls we have everything we need. All we have to do is think of it and it shows up in our experience.

This is commonly called the Law of Attraction

However, what people understand as getting what they want is creating goals and then trying to pull it to them. Eventually, after picturing and repeating it, it does show up. However, it takes weeks, sometimes months, and by the time it shows up, they’re interested in something else anyway.

A better way is to be who and what you are

Then, from the center of that power, you can draw what you want without desiring it. Instead of desiring something, accept that you have it now. This acceptance, this “is-ness” of a thing will draw it into your experience faster than any other means.

Most schools of metaphysics and popular psychology create dozens of steps. This only weakens your magnetic power. They charge thousands of dollars for their complex processes. And it takes tremendous dedication and effort to learn. Some people are so disempowered that they chase after gurus to help them fulfill their desires.


Just be who and what you are – a soul with a mind and body. Then think of what you want as if it is yours already. Wanting and hankering after something, creating elaborate strategies, and involving yourself in endless struggles and sacrifice is not a way to get it.

Here is an example. I wanted to go to graduate school to study psychology. I did not have the money. What I did was imagine that I was already enrolled. I didn’t lust after it. I merely accepted “mentally” that I was attending school. A chain of natural circumstances then unfolded where I was able to enroll and graduate from college with my master’s degree.

A consciousness of a thing in its “is-ness” is enough to draw it into your experience. Try it, you’ll like it. People seek miracles to improve their lives. Yet they, themselves, in their divine origin, are the miracle.


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