How To Invite Moments Of Total Focus And Peak Performance

Have you ever been totally focused? Have you ever been so absorbed in a task that all your mental energies seemed to converge in one point? In fact, you were so focused that the idea of “focus” never occurred to you.

We’ve all had experiences of total focus and peak performance like these. And aren’t they amazing and wonderful? In this state of mind, you perform a certain task almost without performing it. And you perform it so well! When you finish, you might not believe that you were the one who did it!

You perform it with an air of effortlessness. You excel without the merest thought of excellence. Maybe you even innovate along the way. Although others rave, your creative insight seems obvious in the moment.

When this burst of excellence passes, you probably look back with amazement at how much time passed and how quickly it flew by. We’ve all had moments like this. And we all want more of them! Alas, we can’t summon these magical experiences at will.

However, there’s a simple and easy technique that will increase the frequency of these moments of total focus and peak performance. And it’s really simple! Recall and re-experience the last time you had such a moment.

The time, place, and task in question are not important. What’s important is that you recapture and relive the experience in your imagination. Relive and re-experience the state of mind, the clarity of total focus, and the wonder of the effortless experience of excellence.

This is easy because you’ve already done this more often than you realize. In essence, this is like looking at a photo album of a totally enjoyable dream vacation and smiling as you recall the wonderful memories.

Here’s the technique that empowers you to do this.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Elevate your gaze as if looking at an imaginary point just above a distant horizon.
  • Call to mind the last time you experienced one of these amazing and wonderful moments.
  • See the scene as if through your own eyes. Let your imagination generate the sights, sounds, and feelings of that magical moment.
  • In your mind’s eye, live that experience as if it is happening in the present. Recall how your mind was clear and focused, you knew what to do, and did it with effortless precision.
  • Peak performance experiences are exhilarating. Touch those wonderful feelings again!
  • Then call to mind the next time this state of mind will prove beneficial and empowering.
  • See this future scene as if through your own eyes. Let your creative imagination fill in the details as you effortlessly excel once again.

From time to time, call these experiences of total focus and peak performance to mind. Invite them to enhance your success potential by recalling and re-experiencing the times when you performed with effortless excellence.

You will repeat the state of mind and flawless performance again and again.


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