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Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI)

In 2003, recognizing the need for more research on sexual violence, especially in resource poor settings, the Global Forum for Health Research established the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI). The SVRI was initially hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) before moving to the Medical Research Council, South Africa in 2006.

The SVRI is a global research initiative that aims to promote good quality research in the area of sexual violence, particularly in developing countries. We are building an experienced and committed network of researchers, policy makers, activists and donors to ensure that the many aspects of sexual violence are addressed from the perspective of different disciplines and cultures.

The SVRI believes that prevention efforts and service provision must be informed by sound research and evidence. The work of the SVRI is guided by a Coordinating Group of experts from different disciplines, networks of organizations on sexual violence and global regions. The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and to generate empirical data to ensure that sexual violence is recognized as a priority public health issue.

Afro Aids Info

A web-based information portal developed by the South African Medical Research Council. It provides up-to-date, scientifically accurate information on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) with a specific focus on the southern African region.

Digital Library – Childtrafficking.com

Over the last 20 years, anti-trafficking organizations and individuals in all corners of the world have clarified issues, conducted research, developed strategies and carried out interventions. Today, to be more effective in the war against trafficking, we need to share our accumulated knowledge, skills and experience on a global platform. This is the mission of this website.

Child’s Rights International Network

The Child Rights International Network – CRIN is a global research, policy and advocacy organisation. Our work is grounded in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.